Airline Carry-On Information

Here is a quick guide to carry-on luggage for most major US and international airlines. Please note that this is only a guide and all passengers should check with the airline before their trip to determine if the restrictions have changed. The FAA has limited passengers flying within the United States (including international flights going to and from the United States) to one carry-on and one personal item, which includes purses, briefcases, laptops, and small backpacks. In addition to one carry-on and one personal item, passengers may bring onboard a coat, umbrella, book or newspaper, small bag of food and devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. Persons traveling with children can also bring on strollers, safety seats and diaper bags. On crowded flights, you may be asked to relinquish some or all of your carry-on.
See also: TSA guidelines.


AirlineSizeWeightPhone #
Aeromexico (AM)9x14x2222 lbs.(800) 237-6639
Air Canada (AC)9x16x2222 lbs.(888) 247-2262
Air France (AF)45*22 lbs.(800) 237-2747
Air New Zealand (NZ)45*15 lbs.(800) 262-1234
Alaska Airlines (AS)10x17x2420 lbs.(800) 252-7522
American Airlines (AA)45*40 lbs.(800) 433-7300
America West (HP)45*40 lbs.(800) 235-9292
British Airways (BA)8x16x2220 lbs.(800) 247-9297
Continental Airlines (CO)51*40 lbs.(800) 231-0856
Delta Air Lines (DL)9x14x22<40 lbs.(800) 221-1212
Japan Airlines (JAL)45*40 lbs.(800) 525-3663
Midwest Express (YX)9x15x23N/A(800) 452-2022
Northwest Airlines (NW)45*40 lbs.(800) 736-6247
Philippine Airlines (PR)45*15 lbs.(800) 747-1959
Qantas Airways (QF)45*15 lbs.
Southwest Airlines (WN)10x16x24N/A(800) 435-9792
United Airlines (UA)9x14x2250 lbs.^(800) 241-6522
US Airways (US)10x16x2440 lbs.(800) 428-4322
* Width + length + depth = total lineal inches allowed.